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Mannheim Business School

Welcome to the Mannheim Business School online application portal.

Before we start, please take a few minutes to read the instructions. These will help you with the application process.

MBS Admissions Process:
5 steps application process
There are five major steps in our application process:

Step 1. Submit your online application
Step 2. Pay your application fee via SEPA bank transfer (EU) /Flywire (Outside of EU)
Step 3Our Admissions Manager reviews your profile and verify your application documents.
Step 4Selection interview(s)
Step 5. Receive the acceptance notification and contract
What do I need for the application?
  • Time: The online application takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.
  • Supporting documents in PDF format: Please upload the documents in the portal.
For all programs, you should prepare:
  1. Your CV
  2. A passport photo (in JPG format)
  3. English language certificate (please check our website for the required score for your program)
  4. Certified graduation certificates and transcripts of all grades, subjects and activities in English or German
  5. A letter of motivation
You also need to prepare the following for a later stage in the application process:

   6. An APS certificate (if you obtained your first degree in China, Vietnam or India)
   7. The Application Form for the Crediting of Professional Competencies(if you have a Bachelor's degree consisting of 180 ECTS points, and no Master's or doctoral degrees.)

Additional documents are required for some programs. Please visit our website for details. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Online Application Tips
Browse the website and use the progress bar
Before going straight to the form, view the various information pages to see if you have all the required information and results at hand. When you start the application, keep an eye on the progress bar. 

Save your progress regularly
Since the application takes some time, you should save your progress regularly so that you can revisit it any time before submitting the form. 
Enter your email address and create a password. You will then receive a link by email to recover the latest version of your application form.

Inform your referees
Once you submit the application, an automatic email will be sent to your referee(s) using the email address(es) you supply. We suggest that you contact your referee(s) beforehand.
What is the next step after submitting the application?
Pay the application fee
You will receive an email with the application fee payment options. 
Please upload the receipt as instructed after you made the payment.

For European applicants: Bank transfer

For international applicants: Flywire              Flywire MBS Portal
Our Admission Manager will check your application and contact you for the next step of the admissions process.

Do you have any questions?  
Visit our FAQ page or send us an email.

Ready to start?
Click 'Next Page' to begin your MBS online application.

Program and Intake

Please select your preferred program and intake. 

We will start with your essential contact details and consent to our privacy policy. Then you will be redirected to the respective program's application form.

We require a permanent email address to ensure that every applicant can be uniquely identified in our system.
Data protection and privacy policy for the MBS online application process

When you apply for an MBS degree program, we record the personal data you provided in your cover letter, résumé, references, application form, interviews, etc. in our applicant tracking system for the duration of the application process.

MBS collects, processes, stores and uses this data to contact you in the event of acceptance or, in the event of an initial rejection, to inform you that a place has become available or to seamlessly proceed with the application process should another degree program at MBS be applicable. If you are accepted for an MBS degree program, this data shall be retained for the duration of the program. In addition, MBS shares your data with the University of Mannheim for the purpose of academic supervision of MBS degree programs.

Provided that there are no legal retention or storage obligations, personal data that is no longer required for these purposes is deleted or made unavailable to users. In the event that you terminate the application process prematurely or are not accepted for the MBS degree program, all personal data, with the exception of information on your acceptance, rejection or withdrawal of the application, shall be deleted.

Applicant data is stored on our file server, located on MBS and university premises. Application documents are also stored in our CRM system “Salesforce”, in a data center located in Germany. FormAssembly, which is used for the online application process, also uses data centers in EU, as do the products of the Microsoft 365 Suite, which are used for various purposes during the admissions process. It cannot be completely excluded that such personal data is also stored on servers located outside the EU.

Personal data may only be processed and used where permitted by law or subject to the consent of the person concerned. With regard to the procedures described above, it is permitted to collect, store, transmit and use your personal data to the extent described in Article 6(1)(b) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Please find information on your statutory rights in our Privacy Policy and Information for Data Subjects available at here

Should you have any questions about data protection and how MBS handles personal data, please contact our data protection officer by email at: datenschutz@mannheim-business-school.com or by post at Mannheim Business School, L5, 6, 68131, Mannheim Germany.

Keep yourself informed with the latest!
MBS offers on-campus and online events for anyone interested in our programs. This is a great opportunity for you to meet our admissions managers, alumni and the Mannheim community at large.

If you want to join our exciting events, please check the box and we will keep you informed!